Cat Somehow Survives Deadly California Wildfire

Ruthie Rosemary was discovered five days after her family had to evacuate their home.

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Ruthie Rosemary suffered singed whiskers from the fire. Via U.S. Forest Service - Shasta-Trinity National Forest /Facebook

Things probably seemed like they couldn’t get more dramatic for Debi and Jeff Brusatori.

The Hayfork, California, couple were forced to evacuate their home earlier this month due to an approaching wildfire, according to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Facebook page. So they collected their calico tabby cat, Ruthie Rosemary, and put her in the car as they left their property behind. But in a moment that had to stop — if not break — their already overworked hearts, Ruthie jumped out of the car and had to be left behind as the fire advanced toward their land.

Five agonizing days later, the Brusatoris returned to their property, which was “severely burned,” U.S. Forest Service officials report. The couple heard a meow that they recognized coming from the underside of a badly damaged truck. Somehow Ruthie Rosemary had survived the fires, even though the flames had burned so hot that they’d melted the aluminum parts of her four-wheeled hiding place. Ruthie suffered some singed whiskers and eyebrows, but was otherwise just fine.

A commenter on the Shasta-Trinity Facebook page said that Jeff was a volunteer firefighter who left his own home to help save the homes of others. Wherever the Brusatoris next home may be, we’re glad that Ruthie Rosemary will be a part of it.

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