Cat Slang: Weather

From sunbeams to thunderstorms, cats have distinct reactions to weather patterns, like "Sunny and share," "Wind breaker," and "Hail on Earth."

Cats have lots of opinions about weather. They live for splashes of warm sunlight, and many go undercover when loud thunder crashes. Because they spend so much time in windows, kitties get an up-close-and-personal weather report, and often know what’s happening outside before we do!

My little feline informant came to me this week with a list of weather-related cat slang words. He was a little late because it was a beautiful day and he’d fallen asleep in a sun puddle. I was worried and wondered if some of the members of the cat community had busted him, because sharing this top secret Fanglish goes against the cat code. He risks it all in exchange for a bag of chicken treats. It doesn’t take much.

I’m grateful for the weekly peek into underground cat lingo, and am always happy to share my findings with you, dear readers. My only request is that, as usual, you keep these terms to yourself. We don’t want to get my little kitty friend in trouble.

OK, here’s your Fanglish!

Crash course
The direct course from a cat’s current location to a hiding location when thunder crashes. 

During the middle of a thunderstorm, Lady Potato took a crash course into the guest bedroom.

Sunny with a Chance of Disappointment

Sunny weather that becomes interrupted by passing clouds.

Cupcake decided to nap by the window even though it was sunny with a chance of disappointment.

Sunny and share
Two or more cats lying in the same sun puddle.

The beam shining through the kitchen window provided the perfect sunny and share for Maurice and Snowball.

Blanket endorsement

A cat’s approval of cuddling under a blanket, especially during chilly weather.

Patches saw The Lady flip on the heat and decided to give a blanket endorsement to the fleece blanket on the sofa.

Refrigerator unit

A cat carrier used during the winter months.

Mr. Applesauce needed a checkup in January, and did not look forward to the trip from the house to the car in the refrigerator unit.

Shower catty

A cat who gets caught in the blowing rain while sitting in a screened window.

Leroy became a shower catty when he awoke to a spray of rain to the face.

Wind breaker
A gust of wind that knocks over and breaks household knicknacks, resulting in startled cats.

The Lady thought that Milkshake broke the picture frame, but it was a wind breaker.

Flaking out

Staring in awe at the snowflakes that stick to a window.

The Man saw Princess Buttercup sitting on the windowsill flaking out at the first snowfall.

Flash animation
A cat’s animated jump when he sees lightning.

Mocha’s flash animation made The Lady snuggle him under a warm blanket.

Hail on Earth

The scary situation that follows the loud pounding of hail on a rooftop and against windows.

Polly and Muffin curled up with The Man during the brief hail on Earth.

Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … zip your lips!

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