Cat Slang: Sounds Cats Love

Can-can girl, Streaming entertainment, Shake rattle & bowl -- cats have slang for the sounds they love.

Even though cats seem to ignore us quite a bit, they really are gifted with exceptional hearing. We know this because when their ears pick up a sound that may benefit them, they’re all over it.

As you may know, each week a feline informant provides me with a selection of Fanglish terms. Fanglish is top-secret cat lingo that kitties like to think is unknown to humans. They enjoy having something all to themselves because it adds to their already inflated sense of superiority. My informant, however, is always willing to trade some of this lingo in exchange for treats – chicken-flavored only. I think it’s a fair trade. Plus, I get to share some of this information with you, so you can be hip to what your cats are doing when you’re not around. Yeah, it’s totally true – a secret language. No need to thank me – I do what I can to make sure we delay the inevitable feline takeover. The more we know, the better off we are, friends.

So here we go: This week’s Fanglish is all about the sounds cats hear and their reactions to them. Mentally file this away, and then delete your browsing history. Our cats are always watching, you know … and listening, too.

Fun sucker
A vacuum cleaner.

Maurice wanted to play with his new catnip rat in the living room, but The Lady decided to take the Fun Sucker out of the closet.

Shake, rattle and bowl

The sound of kibble being poured into a cat’s bowl.

Leo awoke from a dead sleep when he heard the shake, rattle and bowl coming from the kitchen.

Can-can girl

A female human who opens cans of cat food.

Mocha stopped in her tracks when she heard the can-can girl open the pantry door.

Bell jar
The unpleasant effect of hearing an unexpected doorbell.

When Grandma arrived, Mitzy’s concentrated moth-staring was bell-jarred.

Streaming entertainment
Water pouring from a faucet.

Cotton and Snowflake ran for the kitchen when they heard the streaming entertainment.

Blade runner
A cat who runs when he hears the sound of a blender.

The Lady made her morning smoothie, and Patches, the blade runner, headed under the bed.

Any kitchen-related sound that resembles a cat treat-bag, but is actually human food.

Pancake heard a bag rustle, but discovered a trick-no-treat when she saw The Man opening a bag of tortilla chips.

Litteracy awareness
The sound of fresh litter cascading into a cat box.

Felix was a huge fan of new litter, and made sure litteracy awareness was top of mind.

Breaking mews
A cat’s meows that spark curiosity among other felines in the house.

Oreo heard breaking mews coming from the dining room, and rushed to see if Stripes was getting extra treats.

Closing time

A closing door, resulting in feline panic.

Ten minutes after closing time, Waffles began pawing at the bathroom door.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this week’s Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh!

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