Cat Slang: Other Animals

Mooch-pooch, Bottom feeder and Scratch-n-(ro)dent — cats have names for those other animals that live around them.

Can't we all get along? Via dren88/Flickr

Although cats are pretty self-centered, they usually either interact with or see other kinds of animals during the course of their day. Some of these animals are welcome into a cat’s world, and others are sheer annoyances.

This week, my feline Fanglish informant wanted to share words and phrases that cats use when discussing these other animals. He told me he lives with a dog, and his favorite hobby is squirrel-watching, so this list was one that was easy for him to compile.

The kitty informant was pretty excited to see me because the treats I gave him last week, in exchange for the secret cat-slang, were long gone. He said he’d had a rough week, what with Grandma’s dog coming for a visit. Apparently, the terms describing the frustration of dealing with two canines, aren’t appropriate for our list – he tries to keep everything “PG.” Of course I understood, although I’d be lying if I said my interest wasn’t piqued.

As always, this list is between us. We can’t let our cats know we have a peek into their top-secret slang. We have to let them hang on to a little something, even though they’re convinced they hold the reins on everything. And maybe they do, but we’re gonna take what we can get.

Here we go – this week’s secret cat lingo, all about non-feline critters that inhabit a cat’s world!

Mooch pooch
A dog who eats a cat’s bowl of food.
Patches knew if she didn’t finish her breakfast, Leon, the mooch pooch, would inhale the rest of it.

Cricket bat
Swatting a cricket with one’s paw.
MooMoo heard the telltale chirping by the screened door and knew it was time for a cricket bat.

Mothera vs. Catzilla

A standoff between a cat and a moth.
Maurice had tracked the moth for hours and when it landed behind the laundry room door, the situation quickly turned into Mothera vs. Catzilla.

Bottom feeder

A dog who licks a cat’s rear end.
Rex was a total bottom-feeder, and Mittens went the other way when he entered the room.


The sound of rodents moving inside the wall of a home, driving a cat crazy.
Marshmallow didn’t like watching mice run across the garage floor – she preferred fixating on the scratch-in-(ro)dent version.

Tank top
A feline perch on top of a fish tank.
Cookie needed a closer look at the new goldfish, so she decided to try the tank top.

Munk-ey business
Scurrying chipmunks outside a window.
Luther sat at the patio door for a full hour watching the munk-ey business happening on the deck.

Windows update
The new outdoor activity a cat sees each time he returns to windows. Tigger heard squirrels in the trees, and realized he needed a windows update.

Tweet notification
The sound of outdoor birds.
Snowball’s nap was interrupted by a series of tweet notifications.

Annoyed that one cannot make contact with an outdoor rabbit.
Millicent felt ear-itable all morning as three brown rabbits ate grass on the other side of the living room window.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this week’s Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh!

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