Cat Slang: New Year’s Eve Parties

Hard Licker and Midnight and Purris describe a couple of the ways cats talk about New Year's Eve parties.

New Year’s Eve is upon us, and some humans enjoy hosting or attending festive parties with their friends and loved ones. A few cats have outgoing personalities and like to socialize with a houseful of party guests. Other kitties … not so much – they’d rather ring in the New Year curled up underneath a bed or hiding in a linen closet.

This week, my feline informant brought me a fine collection of Fanglish cat slang, all related to our New Year’s Eve parties. And the terms come from both the party-loving and party-avoiding kitty camps. As always, I must ask for your silence regarding this top-secret list. My informant goes to great length to share this little-known slice of feline life with us, and the cat community at large wouldn’t be so pleased with his generosity. But you see, he’d do just about anything for a fresh bag of chicken treats each week, so we get our Fanglish and he gets his payoff. Win-win!

On to the Fanglish lesson!

Amazing race
Cats frantically running to hide when they hear the sound of the doorbell, indicating guests have arrived.

?The Lady’s friends began arriving, summoning the start of Patches’ and Seymour’s amazing race.

Ball drop
A phrase people use on New Year’s Eve that confuses cats who continue to look for a toy ball.

The Man said it was nearly time for the ball drop, and Monty looked upward and patiently waited.

Get a favor

Steal a party favor.

Professor Puff saw a bright red party horn on the coffee table and decided it was time to get a favor.

Auld Fang Syne

A song cats sing while affectionately remembering beloved toys they’d lost in the closing year.

Jester thought about the collection of pipe cleaners he batted under the refrigerator, and began a verse of Auld Fang Syne.

Time warp
The strangeness of humans staying awake much later than their usual bedtime.

At midnight, Sausage wandered through The Lady’s party, overcome with time warp.

The Great Catsby
A cat who is very social at parties.

Mocha hid under the bed during The Man’s party, but Leroy was The Great Catsby, and sought attention from the guests.

Hard licker
A cat who furiously licks the hand of a party guest who’d been eating meat and cheese.

Donut instantly became a hard licker when The Lady’s friend ate a handful of ham and didn’t use her napkin.

Midnight in purris

A New Year’s Eve party that includes only humans and their cats.

Fuzzy was glad The Man didn’t go to a party because he enjoyed the quiet cuddles of midnight in purris.

Kiss and makeup
Kiss and leave lipstick marks on a cat’s face.

?After Aunt Geraldine drank two glasses of Champagne, she held Mr. Boots and proceeded to kiss and makeup.

Baby New Year

A cat that’s held like a baby by New Year’s Eve party guests.

Misty liked socializing with humans at the New Year’s Eve party, but she always ended up getting passed around Baby New Year-style.

That’s it for now. Come back next week for another Fanglish lesson, and keep these top-secret terms to yourself!

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