Cat Slang: Litterbox Talk

Output signal, Preoccupootion, Sand storm -- the litterbox has ample room for discussion topics.

Most kitties use litterboxes when they’re ready to relieve themselves. Humans provide cats with a variety of boxes and litters – some litters are even scented or have crystals in them. That sounds pretty fancy, huh? My cats are purists and enjoy plain old litter that creates little (or sometimes big) clumps when carefully (or sometimes messily) covered.

This week, my feline informant decided to share litterbox slang with me. He carefully curated the list in the privacy of his cat condo, beyond the suspicious eyes of other kitties. They’d be none to pleased if they discovered he was sharing their secret Fanglish with me. My guy doesn’t mind the risk, though – treats come as trade, which is more than fair in his book. And I think we humans need this information.

So are you ready for this week’s Fanglish? Here are the latest and greatest cat-slang terms, all about the world of the litterbox!

Output signal
The odor eminating from a pile of uncovered cat poo.

The Lady’s guests arrived just as she noticed Mitzi’s output signal coming from the next room.

The concentrated look on a cat’s face while she is relieving herself in the litter pan.

Maxine’s preoccupootion could not be broken, even when Mittens kicked litter on her from a nearby box.

Sand storm
Litter that is fiercely kicked outside the box while a cat is covering his business.

Oreo had to postpone his litterbox visit because Petie was creating a sand storm.

A cat’s habit of racing around the house after using the litterbox.

The Man saw Peaches flying through the kitchen and knew she was in the final stages of a dung-n-dash.

Tracking notice

The trail of litter a cat leaves after exiting a litterbox.

The Man saw the tracking notice had arrived, so he grabbed the broom and dustpan.

Rushing attempt
A cat’s effort at using the litterbox while the human is still pouring in fresh litter.

Snowball was famous for his rushing attempts each time The Lady cleaned the litterboxes.

Box lunch
A dog’s meal of the droppings from a litterbox.

The Lady was ready to feed the dog, but then saw he was in the middle of snacking on a box lunch.

Panning for gold

A human’s activity of sifting a litterbox with a scooping tool.

Boombox needed to use the litterbox, but saw the lady panning for gold and decided to use the one in the bathroom.

Sir Clumps-a-Lot
A cat who’s exceptionately skilled at creating clumps in the litterbox.

Maggie often forgot to cover her business, but Leo was a regular Sir Clumps-a-Lot.


The mad rush to immediately urinate in a freshly changed litter pan.

Peanut, Marshmallow, and Pancake all lined up to flash-in-the-pan the second The Lady placed the fresh litterboxes on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh! I’m trusting you with this.

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