Cat Slang: Cuddling

"Leg warmer," "Purrscription" and "Lappetizer" describe but a few of the warm and fuzzy cat cuddling feels.

In general, cats and humans enjoy shared cuddle time. Whether they’re in bed, on the sofa, or even on the floor, kitty cuddles can lift our spirits, soothe our nerves, and create a closeness that nurtures the human-cat bond. It stands to reason cats would have a set of cat slang terms that covers the whole snuggly-cuddle, cuddly-snuggle situation.

My feline informant brought me a lovely selection of top secret Fanglish this week, and, given the subject, insisted on a quick snuggle before we went over the list. I didn’t mind, of course. Who’s going to turn down a snuggle from a kitty? Not me, that’s for sure. Even though he was groggy from our time together, he didn’t forget to ask me for his payment. A bag of treats in exchange for classified cat slang? I’m all in! Classified means we humans aren’t supposed to know about it, so, as always, take it all in and then zip your lips!

On to the Fanglish lesson!

Drool in favor of

Drool because one is happy and purring, especially during a cuddle with a human.
Pancake drooled in favor of The Lady when she scratched under his chin.

Plaster of purris

A cat who’s flattened himself against a human.

When The Man sat down to watch TV at night, Marshmallow became a plaster of purris.

A cat who insists on snuggling against a human’s head that’s resting on top of a pillow.

The Man tried to sleep in on Saturday, but Lemonade was a total pillowcase.

Blanket decision

A cat’s choice to snuggle with a human who’s covered with a blanket.

Tater Tot saw The Man lying on the sofa with a fleece throw and made a blanket decision to join him.

A lap snuggle that happens before a meal.

Mr. Fuzzy was hungry for dinner, but wasn’t finished with his lappetizer.

Leg warmer
A cat who stretches and sleeps on the length of a human’s legs.

The Lady was cold, and Latte was the perfect leg warmer.

Bed, bath, and beyond
Bathing during an extended cuddle with a human.

Smokey awoke from a lengthy evening cuddle with The Man and decided it was time for a little bed, bath, and beyond.

A cuddle from a cat who’s trying to comfort his sick human.

The Lady stayed home with a terrible cold, and Muffin gave her a purrscription.

Kneadful things
Items on which a cat kneads during snuggle time with a human.

?Jasmine found The Lady’s blanket and belly were the ideal kneadful things to accompany a perfect afternoon on the sofa.

A cat who walks away from a cuddle because a human won’t stop talking to her while she’s trying to sleep.

The Man’s endless chatter interrupted French Fry’s nap, so she became a walkie-talkie and slept in her cat condo.

That’s it for now. Come back next week for another Fanglish lesson, and keep these top-secret terms to on the down low!

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