Cat Slang: Comings and Goings

Oh yeah, your cats notice when you leave the house. That's when they talk amongst themselves using phrases like "Flee control," "Homing instinct" and "Lord of the fly."


Some cats are indoor cats, and other spend time outdoors, but both usually travel now and again – or at least watch their humans come and go through the magical door to the outside world. My three cats aren’t fans of traveling in the car, but Saffy is quite fond of walks on a harness and leash.

My feline informant met me this morning with the new Fanglish cat-slang list he’d compiled for us. Of course, I first turned over the bag of chicken-flavored treats, which he and I both feel is a fair exchange for the top-secret lingo he slips to me each week. The cat community at large isn’t aware of this breach, and my informant is pretty sure there are other cats who are trading this insider knowledge for treats, toys and nip. In fact, he says there’s a large catnip black-market on the east side of town. He’s just the small time, though – he’s not interested in any kind of major operation – he just wants his bag of treats.

This week, he decided to share terms that are all about coming and going – both humans and cats. He was quite pleased with the list he’d curated, so let’s get to it. And remember – mum’s the word! Do not let your cats know you anything about Fanglish. Yeah, it’s that secret.

Door prize
A much-loved human entering the home after being away for several hours.

Peaches heard the key in the lock and knew her door prize would soon be ready for snuggles.

Lord of the fly

A cat who enjoys traveling on airplanes.

Smokey was lord of the fly and often traveled with The Man.

Best in “No”

An award given to a show cat who’s not interested in participating in the events.

Onyx won first place in his category, but Tiger was cranky and left the show with a best in “no”.

Homing instinct

The feeling a cat and human experience when choosing one another at a shelter.

Marshmallow and The Lady locked eyes, both overcome wth homing instinct.

Leave without play
A human’s exit of a house without first playing with a cat.

The Man was running late for work, so Pancake knew it would be a case of leave without play.

Poker match
A visit to the veterinarian, involving poking and examination.

Cookie didn’t want to come out of the carrier at Dr. Samuels’ office because she knew there would soon be a poker match.

Old yeller
A senior cat who howls during car trips.

The Lady was glad the vet’s office was just around the corner because Callie was an old yeller.

Flee Control

A human’s quick closing of a door so a cat cannot escape to the outdoors.

Fluffy was ready to dash through The Lady’s legs while she was bringing in groceries, but The Man stepped in with flee control.

Harnessing gravity

The proclivity of some cats wearing harnesses to drop to the floor, refusing to move.

The Lady wanted to see if Oreo enjoyed outdoor walks on leashes, but he responded by harnessing gravity.

Stroller boogie

A human’s embarrassing singing while pushing a cat in a stroller.

Leo hoped his friends wouldn’t see or hear the stroller boogie as The Lady sang show tunes during the entire walk.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this week’s Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh!

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