Cat Slang: Boxes and Bags

Sack race, Pandora's box and Amazon rekindle -- boxes and bags stoke the flames of cats' hearts and they have a love language all about it.

Cats, boxes, and bags: need I say more? We can buy the most fancy, expensive toys, and our cats want the boxes and bags from which they came. It stands to reason my feline informant would come through with at least one Fanglish cat slang lesson concerning the aforementioned cat recepticles.

This feline informant and I have become pretty good friends. He shows up each week to trade a serving of underground, kitty-cat lingo for a serving of chicken-flavored cat treats. Pretty fair, huh? He gives us a peek into the behind-the-scenes lives of our cats, and I give him a full belly … and today, a box. He was so whipped up about this week’s terms, that he craved a box to loaf in while he relayed his delivery. Fine with me – there’s no shortage of boxes in my house!

Although my informant is friendly and forthcoming, he wants us humans to know we cannot share our knowledge of these Fanglish terms. Cats think they have a leg up on us, and we should probably let them continue right along with that belief. So let’s keep these lessons between you and me, OK?

Here we go – this week’s secret cat lingo, all about the almighty boxes and bags!

Clearly hiding
Occupying a see-though storage tub and assuming invisibility.

Patches didn’t know how The Lady found her because she was inside the new Rubbermaid storage tub, clearly hiding.

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas, when empy boxes are plentiful.

The Lady didn’t immediately clean up after gift-opening on Christmas night, ensuring an entertaining Boxing Day for Felix.

Half in the bag
Lying with one’s body half inside and half outside a bag.

It’d been a crazy afternoon, and Puffy Boy was half in the bag.

Boxing Match

A standoff between two cats who want to occupy the same box.

The Lady’s new shoe box created a boxing match between Marshmallow and Petie .

Box, paper, scissors

A cats’ way of determining who gets ownership of a valuable box.

Fluffy and Chaz were tired of rolling around and swatting one another, so they decided to let “box, paper, scissors” decide the outcome.

Purse disorganizer
A cat who rifles through a human’s handbag.

The Lady noticed her lip balm was missing and knew Trixie, a known purse-disorganizer, was the culprit.

Pandora’s box
The phenomenon of cats instantly gathering when a human opens a newly-received shipping box, followed by the unavoidable problems associated with one box and multiple cats.

The Lady’s recent delivery from UPS unleashed a Pandora’s box situation between Mittens, Snowball, and Maurice.

All-day sacker
A cat who spends an entire day inside a paper bag.

Tigger rolled around in catnip after breakfast, and then became an all-day sacker.

Amazon rekindle
Renewed excitement over an old Amazon box.

Snowball experienced Amazon rekindle when she found one of her favorite boxes underneath The Lady’s bed.

Sack race
Competition between two cats for ownership of a paper bag.

The Man returned from Target, setting off a sack race between Lucy and Pancake.

I certainly hope you enjoyed this week’s box-n-bag Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh!

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