Couple Adopts Cat And Realizes He Sits Like A Gargoyle

A couple got a fun little surprise when they discovered their new cat sits like one of those stone creatures found on building facades.

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Cat or gargoyle? Hard to say. Via snozaki/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

When you adopt a pet, you never know what kinds of behavioral quirks you’ll discover.

You might even end up with a cat who sits like a gargoyle… which is exactly what happened to one couple who rescued a cat named Wilbur and posted a photo of his odd habit on Reddit.

The Reddit original poster (Wolfpackago) was the first one to point out Wilbur’s gargoylian perching style, and it could not be more on-point.

#ourcatWilbur sits like this????

A photo posted by @snozaki on

“My bf thinks his torso is too long. I think his arms are too short. We both think he’s super cute,” Wilbur’s owner said on Reddit.

Turns out Wilbur also knows how to fetch, like a dog. 

New talent discovered! #ourcatWilbur plays fetch! A video posted by @snozaki on

And lies on his back with his feet in the air, like a baby.


A photo posted by @snozaki on

Wilbur, you are one of a kind, little man!

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