Cat Sisters and Body Doubles

While shooting a video, it comes in handy to have a look-alike cat.

While writing the storyboard for a cat travel video we were planning to shoot about flying with cats and making the airport ritual a feline friendly experience, the question arose which cat on the team was going to get to go to the airport and show how its done?

Fudge definitely wasn’t volunteering; she doesn’t like airports and somehow still remembers when she jetted across the world to come and live in California. Isabella is a scaredy cat and Mr. Pants is far too wild. Then I had a brainwave – Susan Logan’s beautiful and fearless Madison would be perfect.

Well, we started off on the right foot. We had the new airline carrier shipped to Susan’s home well in advance so that she could leave it lying around the house for casual feline inspection, which was one of the points we were making on the video.

On the day of the shoot, everything seemed to be going according to plan until it was time to actually put the cat in the bag and head for the airport.

Suddenly Madison was missing.

That’s when Susan and I looked at each other and instantly realized that we had failed to do the most important thing when traveling with a cat – lock it up in a room where you can easily access it when its time to leave – such as a bathroom.

Needless to say while we were futzing around with hair and make-up, Madison had slinked off and climbed under the bed and it was going to take a team of furniture removers to lift the bed to retrieve her!

What now? There was a whole team of people at John Wayne Airport waiting for us to film the next stage of the video.

Plan B – Do as they do in the movies – get a body double!

Fortunately Madison’s littermate Sophie has similar coloring and before you could say “tuna” we had whisked her up and put her in the carrier. As we started to head out the front door with the usual travel paraphernalia in tow such as suitcases and bags, Susan’s elderly kitty Chloe decided that she might like to come along too. So there we were, trying film the departure from the house with Chloe in the midst of everything. We hadn’t locked her up either!

Needless to say that Sophie wasn’t impressed and voiced her opinion all the way to the airport. But she was a real trooper and played her role beautifully.

Of course, when we got home, there was Madison sunning herself on the top level of the cat condo as if nothing had happened.

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