Guy Teaches His Cat How To Sing The Blues

When this musician sings the blues, his cat sings along, too.

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When you're feeling blue, sing the Blues with Bella the cat. Via John Rose/YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

When times are tough, sometimes you just gotta sing the blues.

And when you’re a cat, and actual singing isn’t an option, meowing the blues is fine, too.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by musician John Rose, Rose plays the blues on his guitar, while his cat, Bella, belts out the important notes via bluesy cat sounds.

Via John Rose/YouTube

Bella, that’s your cue. Via John Rose/YouTube

Rose strums away, only pausing occasionally to allow Bella a chance to hop in and belt those blues to the back row of the Internet.

So don’t ever doubt your singing ability when tempted to sing the blues. Because if Bella can do it, you can do it.

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