Cat Show Manners: Always in Fashion

While attending a cat show, be respectful of the cats and their exhibitors by following these three simple rules.

1. Don’t pet the cat.
Consider the time breeders spend grooming their show cats – readying them for the big event – before you yield to soft temptations. But even worse than a mussed coat is the possibility you may unwittingly pass germs from the first cat you pet to the next. Ask before you touch. Exhibitors who have cats to sell will provide you with antiseptic hand wash.

2. Give cats the right-of-way.
If you see an exhibitor scurrying toward you with a cat, step aside. They have just a few minutes to get their cats to the ring, and, after all, that’s the primary reason they are at the show.

3. Don’t seize the moment.
If you’re talking with an exhibitor and the cat’s number is called, come back later when you can have the exhibitor’s full attention. As always, there is a time for chatting and a time for showing cats.

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