Cat Shoots Daggers While Trying To Get All Comfy

A fluffy cat with a neat haircut who is getting all snuggly in a blanket would like you to go to Hell.

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The face that launched a thousand souls into Hades. Via Daily Mail
Anastasia Thrift

One cat with an impossible-to-take-seriously haircut is taking himself very seriously in pursuit of curling up, and he dares anyone to question him, as the cold hard glare of a cat on video shows.

The loving kneading of a cat is interrupted and he seems very unhappy about it in a video posted online recently, the Daily Mail reports. The cat, who sports long curly hair on the head and very end of the tail but is pretty much shaved everywhere else, bores holes through the camera lens as he repeatedly tries to return to getting comfy.

For 33 seconds, we see consistent looks to the camera that could melt flesh. It’s hard to jibe the parallel narrative of a cat giving the cold hard stare of evil alongside the very cozy prospect of kitty curling up on a blankie.

Basically it’s just another day with cats.

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