Cat Shirt Is Business Up Top, Party Below. Now, Same Cat Parties/TCOBs on Phone Case

Cats are honest, above all. Lord Nermal the cat keeps it real, first on a t-shirt and now on a phone case. Would you carry or wear this cat with you?

You know where you stand with cats. When you walk in a room, they either come up and push their heads into your leg or they roll their eyes and walk away. So, I was happy to see this cats-on-the-real t-shirt a while ago.

Cute cat peeking out of pocket? But wait, there’s more.


Lord Nermal shirts by Ripndip were so popular they often sold out. This cat’s message must have really resonated.

The company this week debuted a new item, Lord Nermal phone cases. Same cat, same simple truth.

Will you be buying any Lord Nermal merchandise?

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