Cat Shelters Benefit from Litter Giveaway

Two shelters are in line to win 75 tons of World's Best Cat Litter through a voting campaign.

World’s Best Cat Litter of Muscatine, Iowa, is giving away 75 tons of cat litter in a regional voting campaign that asks cat enthusiasts to choose from one of two participating shelters.

The GiveLitter program launched today in the southeast United States and runs through Sunday. Online voters may select either the SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina, or the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Alabama.

Each vote at the World’s Best Cat Litter site gives the selected charity one pound of litter. Up to 15,000 pounds of litter may be awarded to a single charity.

Five rounds of giving will be staggered throughout the year in different regions across the United States, according to the litter manufacturer, Kent Nutrition Group Inc.

A similar online campaign last spring raised 50 tons of cat litter for animal shelters nationwide.

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