Cat Verbally Complains During Her Bath By Saying ‘No More’

While getting a bath, this cat appears to say "No more!" Yeah, now they speak English. Get ready for the cat takeover in 3... 2... 1...

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Actual proof that cats DO NOT like baths.

Cats know what they want (naps, food, independence), and they know what they don’t (forced interactions, restricted areas to roam, baths). But never before has a cat been able speak its mind… until now.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by David Savage, a cat getting a bath loudly meows her complaints for the world to hear. But her meows sound less like typical cat noises and more like the words, “No more!”

“Read my lips, humans. No more bath!”

Yeah, that’s right. Apparently this cat speaks English. The person bathing her even tries to tell her that there’s only a little bit more of the bath to go, and the cat continues to utter, “No more.”

“I said NOOOO!”

Now that cats can speak to humans, we should all prepare for the cat-pocalyse immediately. They are taking over. Soon.

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