Cat Says “Let it Go!” and Sleds Down Hill

Video: sledding cat enjoys ride in the snow.

According to feline folklore, many cats abhor the cold and the wet. But Arty, a cat from Parker, Colorado, is defying the odds and proving those age-old tales completely incorrect – at least in his case.

The black and white snow bunny (kitty?) has an unusual hobby: sledding! It’s cold, it’s wet, and it’s something that he’s basically crazy about. Bonus: there’s video evidence of this incredible feline feat, which was submitted to 9NEWS by Dixie Chubb, and is quickly gaining momentum in the viral world. For good reason too, as Arty’s foray down a snowy hill atop a sled is basically the best thing you’ll see today. So good, in fact, that you can watch the video above, then check out up-close-and-personal screenshots below that seriously sweeten the snowy deal!

Before Hitting the Slopes Arty Preps for the Main Event

With a Swift Push, Arty is On the Move

The End of the Road

Talk about a chill cat! Would your kitty counterpart ever tolerate a day of sledding?

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