Cat Sampling in Meow The Jewels

Run the Jewels 2 gets remade by cats, with support of El-P and Killer Mike and with proceeds going to charity.

“Rolling Stone” magazine named “Run the Jewels 2” Best Hip Hop Album of 2014. Better still, Killer Mike and El-P of hip hop duo Run the Jewels jumped on a fan-created Kickstarter campaign to create a full-length feline remix of the award winner appropriately called “Meow the Jewels.”

Since the campaign’s inception in September 2014, over $45,000 was raised, turning an album that was initially believed to be a joke into reality, with proceeds scheduled to benefit “the families of those who have lost their lives to police brutality this year.”
Although no release date has been announced for the full-length album, El-P dropped hints that the album was nearing completion last week on Twitter @therealelp when he Tweeted: “I just listened to 8 straight meow the jewels songs. I am now crazy.” By week’s end, the duo had debuted the first single from the album entitled “Meowrly” (a cat-sampled remix of their track “Early”) on the WRTJ Beats 1 Radio Show.

While the album will be entirely made up of feline renditions of Run the Jewels’ hit tracks; each of the songs is unique in that they are crafted entirely from cat sounds (many of which come from the personal cat sound library of Lil BUB’s owner Mike Bridavsky), with remixes and guest appearances by music artists such as Boots.

“Thank god the money is going to charity because meow the jewels is going to be the single silliest…record ever recorded,” El-P Tweeted.

Listen to Meowrly above. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that “Meow the Jewels” hits stores in time for the holidays.

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