Cat Rides in Engine 28 Miles

Kitten hides in car engine and survives trip, ultimately arriving at cat-food factory full of treats for the passenger.

File this story under miracles.

An orange and white kitty is resting comfortably in Hackettstown, N.J., today after the cat endured a 28-mile ride in the engine of a pickup going from East Stroudsburg, Penn., to Hackettstown – ultimately arriving at the Mars Chocolate North America plant.

Last Thursday, the curious kitty stealthily made her way into the engine compartment of the vehicle, where she was undetected by the driver and taken on a ride of a lifetime. Nestled between hoses in the engine, the cat survived the 28-mile ordeal, remaining in her hiding place until Mars Employees heard her frightened meows and contacted the police. The kitten was soon freed from fan blades by Mars employees working side-by-side with the Hackettstown public works department. Her adventure, however, doesn’t end there.

After being rescued, the kitten did what any frightened feline would do: high-tailed it out of there! Luckily, a police officer on the scene caught her before she found herself in the throes of another calamity.

So how does a pet food plant fit in with the story? Mars Inc. owns some of the largest pet food brands in the country; and, given the fact that the kitten virtually arrived on their doorstep, they want to play a role in finding her a great home! Mars has already announced that they will pay for the kitten’s adoption fees, in addition to donating a one-year supply of IAMS cat food, SHEBA Perfect Portions cat food, and Temptations treats to her adoptive family.

Who said curiosity killed the cat?

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