Cat Reunited with Humans After They See Him on TV

Scout was featured on a THV11 segment in hopes of getting him adopted.

When cats go missing, especially for two years, we believe we’ll never see them again. For one family in Little Rock, Arkansas, that belief was wrong.

Last week, on THV11 This Morning, an adult Siamese cat by the name of Scout was presented by the Little Rock Animal Village to let those watching know he was available for adoption. Staff at the Little Rock Animal Village discovered he was not microchipped and labeled Scout a stray. It turns out he had gotten separated from his family two years earlier. And in a moment of kismet, his family happened to be watching the THV11 This Morning segment that Scout was featured on. They were reunited the very next day.

What a happy ending! We took “Scout,” a Siamese kitty who had come to the Little Rock Animal Village as a stray a few weeks ago, on @thv_11 Friday morning and lucky for him, his previous owners were watching! They sent us an email saying Scout had been missing for TWO YEARS, and they went to the Village to be happily reunited with him on Saturday. Never give up hope when you lose a pet!! This also underscores the importance of Microchipping. With a microchip, your contact info can be looked up if your lost pet is taken to a vet or animal shelter and they are scanned. Microchipping is quick and easy, and the best insurance policy money can buy to make sure you can get them back if your pet is ever lost. Merry Christmas, Scout!

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Don’t you just love stories with happy endings?


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