Cat Returns After Disappearing For Months Following A Fire

Six months after an evacuation scared a cat into running away, he returns home.

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Muscat made it home after mandatory evacuations during a wildfire scared him away. Via Middletown Animal Hospital/KCBS

Muscat the cat ran away after wildfires in Northern California mandated evacuations from residents last September.

Lucky, the cat turned up near his home in Middletown this week, according to KCBS. His owner, Nancy, found him as she was driving near her house. When she called out to him, he came right to her.

Detail of Lake County in Northern California. Via Wikimedia Commons

Detail of Lake County in Northern California. Via Wikimedia Commons

Muscat had gone missing since the Valley Fire occurred six months ago. Teresa Axthelm of the Middletown Animal Hospital treated the newly found cat, courtesy of a fund set up to help victims of the fire.

“I said, at no charge, get Muscat in here, get him examined, get him vaccinated,” Axthelm told the news outlet.

“She was very excited to have him back,” Axthelm added. “So many people are still looking for their pets, we have a bulletin board here, you know. Missing pets, dogs and cats. To give anybody some hope, it’s obviously a great thing.”

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