Cat Rescue – The Will to Live

A hurt, abandoned kitten finds love and a home.

A casual glance at Andrae doesn’’t reveal the circumstances of his difficult start in life, according to Penny Lindsay of Niles, Ohio, the 3-year-old orange tabby’s owner. “You wouldn’t know anything happened to him,” she says. “He’s so beautiful and full of life.”

Andrae came into Lindsay’s life through Angels for Animals, a rescue organization in Canfield, Ohio. The 3-month-old kitten was found limping across a school parking lot, suffering from burns over most of his body. A woman brought the kitten to the shelter, where he responded immediately to treatment.

“Our veterinary staff was amazed that he was trying to walk and that he even wanted to eat,” says Becky Himes, cat foster coordinator for Angels for Animals. “With that much will to live, they wanted to give him a chance.”

Andrae’s story generated considerable interest from the local media, with reporters asking for leads on how he was injured. “No one ever came forward with information about how this kitten was burned,” Himes says, adding that the stories had a positive outcome. “Many people donated money to help with his care.”

The news reports also resulted in many requests to adopt Andrae, but Angels for Animals wanted just the right owner for the special cat. The kitten spent nearly a month in the shelter’s isolation ward, and the veterinary staff believed he might have ongoing medical problems caused by the burns.

Enter Lindsay and her husband John. “We thought they would be the perfect home for Andrae,” Himes says. “They weren’t scared by the fact that he might have long-term health problems from the burns. And they wanted Andrae for him, not just because he was famous.”

Lindsay visited Angels for Animals at the suggestion of a coworker. “A friend I work with told me about Andrae and wondered if I would like to see him,” she says. “When I first saw him, he reminded me of a lion cub. I fell in love with him.”

Now Andrae spends his days with the Lindsays and their two 7-year-old female cats: a black longhair named Pepper and an orange tabby named Patsy. “They get along well,” Lindsay says. “He also gets along very well with me and my husband.”

Andrae enjoys playing with his feline companions and watching TV. “He likes to watch the meerkats on Animal Planet,” Lindsay says.

These simple pleasures show how far Andrae has come from his rough beginnings. “He is completely recovered from the burns,” Lindsay says, except for some scarring around his eyes and the loss of the tips of his ears. “I would like to give credit to the vet and the shelter for saving him.

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