Cat Proves Crochet Top is Not Appropriate for Teenager

A mother of a teenager posed the family cat in a crocheted top to prove the piece of clothing was just too small.

How do you prove a top is just too small? Put it on your cat.

If you or your teenagers have ever purchased anything off Amazon (or really any online store), you know that whenever ordering something off the Internet, there is a chance that when it arrives it won’t be quite what you expected. The color might be different, the quality may be less than ideal or maybe it just doesn’t fit. We all know that “one size fits all” is an utterly false statement. But if you tried to purchase the crocheted crop top on Amazon, that is what you get – no choice in size.

The top received 77 reviews and only has three and a half stars, which proves it may not even be worth the $3.38 it costs. Of those reviews, the best (describing the worst thing about the item) came from a mother of a 16-year-old daughter and the pet parent of a now cat model.

Check out what the mom posted, aptly titled “Well, it fits the cat”:

Her review received 18 comments so far, all praising the post. We’re guessing the cat probably wasn’t praising the image on the Internet, but was pleased to prove to the teenager that the top was too little and definitely inappropriate to wear. What do you think?

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