Cat Protects Home Against Black Bear

Sometimes you just have to be brave enough to scare away something much bigger than you.

This seems to be the week of brave cats. First, a cat stared down a mountain lion until it left the property, and now a cat scares a black bear right off the porch. The black bear – which is common in the area – was spotted at a home in Eagle River, Alaska, first in the driveway. Homeowner Darliss Elliot saw the bear go toward the backyard, TIME reports. When her Savannah, Nani, noticed the bear, Elliot expected her to be scared. Instead, Nani lunged at the bear (don’t worry; there was a glass door between them), causing the bear so much fright that he backed away and fell right off the porch. This cat’s not letting anybody in, no matter how big and scary it is. Her bravery must have worked; TIME reports Elliot has not seen the bear since.

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