Cat-Proofing Your Computer

Protect your cat and your computer with simple safety precautions.

KittenIf your household includes both cats and computers, follow these steps to create a safe work and play environment.

1. Choose computer hardware and accessories that can bear a cat’s weight. Avoid cantilevered trays and components with fragile, unsupported attachments.

2. Place keyboards and other parts under shelves to reduce your cat’s “pounce potential.”

3. Use printers and scanners with internal paper trays and enclosed feed mechanisms, or cover the feed rollers. Turn your printer or scanner off when you leave the room.

4. Secure, hide or wrap excess lengths of electrical cords.

5. Whatever adjustments you make to your work station, don’t block cooling vents. Make sure outlet strips are placed in ventilated areas.

6. Use a mouse pad with a smooth surface that easily wipes clean. Or, use a flexible plastic keyboard cover to repel cat hair.

7. Protect your software from “kitty editing” by moving open documents or applications to the background when you’re not at the computer.

More Safety Tips

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