Cat Products That’ll Max Out Your Credit Card

Every cat demands luxury, but are these products worth the price?

Let’s face it: our cats are spoiled. They get what they want and they know how to get it. And of course we splurge from time to time (or maybe every time we go to the store) and get them a little present. Chances are that present is a toy or a new collar or maybe even a new cat tree. More often than not we’re spending less than $50 on the present for our cats. Most of us have probably budgeted a certain amount for those kitty cat splurges, since we know we also have to pay rent or a mortgage, bills, student loans, etc.

That made me wonder, with all the cat products available nowadays, are there any that are way out of budget? The answer, in short, is yes. I found a Versace cat bowl for $754, a Swarovski-studded Cat Flap for $1,644 and a cat cabin for $1,396.

Check out some of the others:

1. Rondo Stand Leather Cat Tree, $780.95 (689 euro)
Yes, I did write leather. This cat tree/stand is handmade in Germany and comes with a cushion. It’s sleek and modern looking and with the various color choices Pet Interiors offers, it’ll go with any home’s décor. You can get scratch covers for it, as well as replacement and ornament covers. It’ll only cost you $780.95; shipping is free.

2. Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree House, $1,299.00
If leather is just not your cat’s thing, you can go with this hand-crafted wooden design. Not only does this luxury cat item cost nearly $1300, you’ll also have to pay for shipping ($150 to $320 depending on your state). Plus, once you order it, you’ll need to wait four to six weeks for the item to be made (the site notes that “shipment time is in addition to that.” Oh, and if it arrives and doesn’t really work for you, you’ll have to gift it to another cat parent. This cat tree house is not returnable. It is cute, though.

3. Crystal Cat Collar, $194.50
Every feline needs a little bling, right? This collar has three rows of crystals made with Swarovski Elements. Choose from a variety of colors, including turquoise, red, pink, violet, gold and more. Or get more than one so kitty’s accessories can match your outfit – only $195 each. The crystal collar does look pretty on the cat, doesn’t it?

4. Marie Antoinette Cat Bed, $1,199.00
Your cat is already treated like royalty, so why not get her a royal bed? It has a gilded frame and comes in pink and white. It even has a little canopy.

Some of these items, despite the price, are cute. I bet if a cat parent had unlimited income he or she might purchase one (or all four). I would. Would you?

How much is too much to spend on your cat?

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