Cat Products Roundup: Cat Lingerie

From "purrr" to "me-WOW!" cat-themed underwear options run from tame to wild.

You could pass hundreds of fellow cat enthusiasts on the street each day and never know it – at least if they’re clothed that is. Who knows the number of cat women walking around wearing one of the many cat-inspired bra and undies* available on the market today. *Sorry, can’t stand the words “panty” or “panties.” If you wan to “feel feline” all day long, there’s no end to the variety of options at your disposal. Let’s take a look a few, shall we? Starting with the most seemingly innocent option, we have conservative cotton cat underwear from “Knickerocker” pictured above. Seem innocuous enough, until you take a closer look at the additional photographs accompanying the main image. “Hmm, I’ve got cotton panties with ears stuck onto them. Can’t wear them under anything since those will create unsightly mounds above my butt cheeks. Guess I’ll just have to get the matching crop- top and frolic through the woods like an PG-13 version of Little Red Riding Hood!” I can only hope no families with small children were going on a picnic or taking a hike the day of that photo-shoot. Can’t begin to imagine that conversation! Next up, bra and undie sets from Felissimo that walk the fine line between racy and just plain cute. They come in three color schemes and styles modeled after different kitty varietals. Luckily the tail fastens with a thin ribbon making it easy to remove, alleviating worries of a bulge in your bottom or the potential of having it pop up-and-out of your low-rise jeans. The bra is meant to resemble cat ears, but looks plain bulky to me. I’m starting to get the sense these aren’t for wearing under clothing after all. I’m clearly out of practice and should take the duck’s advice. If the prior options are too tame for you and you’re feeling badass, in which case your nightlife is clearly more exciting than mine, I do have one more trick up my sleeve. From the subtly named company “PerfectPinapples,” I present to you the ultimate “Me-WOW” feline lingerie option (well, as racy as we can get on this website at least!). If you were to wear one of the above ensembles, which would it be? I’m not telling my choice, you’ll just have to guess. (Hint: If you see me with weird lumps in my clothing, it’s a dead giveaway!)

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