Cat Steals Hamster’s Moves And Makes Own Exercise Wheel

A competitive cat one-ups a hamster roommate by turning a washing machine into a hamster wheel.

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"Damn, that looks fun." Via pyonpyon_chang/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

The reason behind a cat’s obsession with a hamster became clear recently. This particular cat wanted to know — nay, share — the joy the hamster felt over running on the wheel in the cage, a video posted by Japanese Twitter user @pyonpyon_chang last month leads us to believe.

After watching the frantic, furry critter with deep focus, the cat began using the washing machine as a hamster wheel.

With a little reverse engineering, the cat totally grasps the concept of running on a wheel and… well, runs with it. Of course, you should never, ever, ever, ever put your cat in a washing machine for any reason; in fact, you should make it so your cat can’t get trapped in a washing machine. This cat simply had a life’s dream to live out.

Why should hamsters have all the fun, anyway?

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