Cat Pictures: Updated Cat Ladies

"Girls and Their Cats” focuses on positives cat companionships with photos of women and cats.

Eight months ago, photographer BriAnne Willis devoted her life to showcasing the amazing bond between women and their cats by photographing an assortment of females and their feline companions at home in their natural habitat. Focused on breaking the unflattering, age-old cat lady stereotype popularized by the media, the photo series, dubbed “Girls and Their Cats,” is focused on the positives of cat companionship, and is quickly gaining ground on social media.

Although a venture primarily rooted on Instagram (@girlsandtheircats) and Facebook, Willis has hopes of turning her pet project into a book in the near future; in addition to an eagerness to expand her photographic territory, as her subjects largely consist of New Yorkers, with a few Oregon cat fanciers tossed in the mix.

Each photograph is accompanied with a brief tale of how the cat came into the girl in question’s life; and while we’re kind of smitten with them all, there are a few that seriously slay, like:

Williamsburg’s Giuliana and Yoncé:

Flatbush’s Jasmine and Figgaro:

Portland’s Emily and Cowbear:

And if you’re dying to see the woman behind “Girls and Their Cats,” here BriAnne is with her cat Tuck:

Do you have a favorite girl and cat? All of those in favor of a “Girls and Their Cats” book say “Aye!”

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