Cat And Pig Nap Together In The Most Adorable Way Possible

As a pig named Moritz B. peacefully naps, a cat named Leonardo diCatzio strokes the side of the pig's face like a mother would a child.

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Who knew a pig and a cat could make such perfect napping partners?

Sometimes you need a comforting embrace to properly send you off into dreamland. And a pig named Moritz B. understands that better than anyone.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Nicolle von Eberkopf last week, Moritz B. snores up a storm while napping next to a cat named Leonardo diCatzio.

Sweet dreams, little piggy. Via YouTube

Sweet dreams, little piggy. Via YouTube

Despite their odd sleep pairing (because how often do you catch a pig and a cat cuddling?), they seem quite cozy together.

They are so cozy, in fact, that 2-year-old Leonardio diCatzio gently caresses 12-year-old Moritz B.’s face like a human woman would softly stroke the cheek of her dozing child.

Nobody snuggles like these two. Via YouTube

Nobody snuggles like these two. Via YouTube

Maybe Moritz has a history of pig-mares and often wakes up mid-squeal. Maybe Leonardo needs to apply a comforting touch in order to relax into sleepiness.

Whatever the reason, these snuggle buddies are absolutely adorable to watch.

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