Cat People Vs. Dog People

The American Veterinary Medical Association notes differences between owners of felines, canines.

Are people who like cats that much different from people who like dogs? A new study by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) points out some differences between cat owners and dog owners. The results are published in the U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook.

“Our surveys show that single people are more attracted to cat ownership, while dog owners are married with children,” said James Flanigan, AVMA head of marketing. In fact, 67 percent of dog owners are married, compared to 61.8 percent of cat owners. “While the demographic information is interesting, some of it is concerning, too.”

Flanigan points to statistics that show cat owners spend less on veterinary care than dog owners. In 2007, 82.7 percent of dog owners made at least one annual visit to a veterinarian, while only 63.7 percent of cat owners did the same. “Cat owners are much less likely to seek veterinary care for their animals … and this divide seems to be growing,” Flanigan said.

Other statistics revealed in the Sourcebook include pet demographics. While cats outnumber dogs as pets — 81.7 million cats compared to 72.1 million dogs — dog owners outnumber cat owners, 43 million to 37.5 million. AVMA says this is because cat owners are more likely to have more than one cat.

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