Cat Throws Her Paws Up In The Air And Becomes An Awesome Meme

Keys the cat raised her paws up high into the sky, and then her enthusiasm was put into several hilarious photos.

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"This is how you raise the roof, yes?" Via GoalKitty/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

First, she put her paws up in the air. Then, she waved ’em like she just didn’t care. And finally, a stellar meme was born.

GoalKitty, aka Keys, stole the hearts of the Internet, with her tall stance and enthusiastic paws. Then it became clear that her cheerleader-like/goal hands pose would be perfect in about a million other scenarios. Her owner, Peter Mares, told Buzzfeed that it started as a stretch and now she can do it on command.

Like this:

GoalKitty has since been transformed into a classic scene from “The Lion King,” Leo’s new Oscar, a boxing champion and so much more. Her adventures are sure to continue on Facebook, Imgur and Instagram @goalkitty. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Class Participation

#goalkitty #teacherspet ????: reddit squirrelsaurus A photo posted by @goalkitty on

“Calm down, GoalKitty. One paw raised will do.”

2. Boxing Champ

We have a winner and it’s #goalkitty #glovesup ????: imgur ipostedwhat

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

“I could take Creed AND Rocky at the same time, y’all.”

3. Kitty Stick Up

#goalkitty #catlivesmatter #putyourpawsup ????: ipostedwhat A photo posted by @goalkitty on

“Take my money. Take everything. Just please please leave the catnip.”

4. Boomboxing For Love

#sayanything #goalkitty #sayanything ????: imgur Ipostedwhat

A photo posted by @goalkitty on

“John Cusack’s got nothin’ on me.”

5. Lion King

“This is the circle of life, right here.”

6. Leo’s Oscar

“Dude, we finally did it! I mean, I’m happy for you but this is a HUGE deal for me.”

7. Goal Blocker

GOAAAAAAALLLL #goalkitty #touchdown #itsgood ????: imgur ipostedwhat A photo posted by @goalkitty on

“Oh, you wanted a touchdown? Not today, suckaaaaa.”

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