Cat Opens Freezer For Fish-Sicle

A clever cat found the cold storage area where the fish was stashed.

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"I'll be taking this... "
Anastasia Thrift

It’s summer and nothing beats the heat like a cool treat. Like a frozen fish pop, mmmm.

At least that’s what one calico cat must have thought when she figured out how to open the freezer and snack on the frozen fish within, a YouTube video shows. Lux the cat’s adventures were posted a couple of years ago but the video is back in heavy rotation, maybe because the hot months of summer are upon us and this cat looks like a master of cooling down.

"WUT'S IN HERE?" Via  DolceLuxy/YouTube

“WUT’S IN HERE?” Via DolceLuxy/YouTube

She’s also a mindful thief. Her roll is slow. She casually hops on top of the freezer, sniffs around, chews a few random objects. Kind of hangs out there. You might not know what she’s up to.

Better than the ice cream truck.Via  DolceLuxy/YouTube

Better than the ice cream truck.Via DolceLuxy/YouTube

Then she ups her game and opens the freezer door with a little paw push and oh so carefully climbs down and right on in to the freezer. That’s where the motherlode of fish resides, and that’s where Lux takes a taste of victory.

And for this cat, victory tastes like frozen fish.

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