Cats Explain Why Cat Moms Are Just Like Any Other Mom In Adorable Mother’s Day Video

Whether your child is a human baby or a cat, all forms of motherhood are beautiful.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the loving moms out there. Via puppetgirl/Rumble Video

Mother’s Day is the annual celebration in which all forms of motherhood are appreciated. Because there is no set formula for being a mother.

Yes, there’s no doubt that human babies are more work than pets, but caring for another living thing, no matter what that living thing is, is parenthood. And a video uploaded to Rumble by user puppetgirl touches on the beauty of being a cat mom, as told by a family of five cats.

It starts when the youngest cat asks who their mother is. And the rest of the cats respond by saying that “the human is our mother.”

Via puppetgirl/Rumble Video

Cat moms deserve to celebrate this holiday, too.Via puppetgirl/Rumble Video

Then they each take turns explaining why, with adorable examples like: “She feeds us good food” and “She’s always covered in fur.”

Via puppetgirl/Rumble Video

Covered in fur indeed. #ThatCatLadyLife Via puppetgirl/Rumble Video

And they end each point with, “That’s what Moms do.”

So simple, yet so true.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms — cat moms or otherwise — out there.

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