Cat Miraculously Survives Spin In Washing Machine

Bobby likely gave up one of his nine lives after getting trapped in the washing machine during a hot cycle.

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Bobby gave his owner quite a scare when he got himself stuck in the washing machine. Via PDSA/BBC News
Stephanie Brown

Doing laundry is the worst. Sometimes it feels like the pile of dirty clothes that needs to be washed gets so big it could kill us. For one cat in the United Kingdom, a load of laundry really did become a life or death situation.

Lisa Keefe of Nottingham, England, was doing laundry when she heard a loud thudding noise coming from inside the washing machine. To her shock, she found her 9-month-old cat Bobby trapped inside during a hot water cycle where the temperature was around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, BBC News reports. (As a comparison, most hot tubs don’t go over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Keefe rushed Bobby, who was on the verge of collapse, to the animal hospital where we was treated for shock. Veterinarian James Kellow, who treated Bobby, said the young cat had been in the washer for about 2 minutes before being rescued.

Bobby, seen pictured here with vet James Kellow (left) and his owner Lisa Keefe, was treated with IV fluids for shock.  Via PDSA/BBC News

Bobby, seen pictured here with vet James Kellow (left) and his owner Lisa Keefe, received IV fluids for shock. Via PDSA/BBC News

Keefe, 47, told the BBC that her cat likes to climb into the washing machine, but that she had been sure to put Bobby outside before starting a new load. Somehow, Bobby still managed to sneak into the machine without Keefe knowing.

“As soon as I heard the noise I rushed to the machine and could see the color of his fur mixed in with the quilt,” Keefe told BBC News. “I was petrified and raced to get him out.”

Luckily, Bobby bounced right back from the ordeal. Dr. Kellow told the BBC the cat had sore eyes from the detergent, but within a couple of hours was “as right as rain.” His near-death experience has even earned him a nomination for a PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) Pet Survivor award.

While he managed to survive unscathed, something tells us Bobby will think twice before napping in the washing machine again — and we bet Keefe, for her part, will be sure to double check the washer before each and every load from now on. Bobby can’t risk losing any more of his nine eight lives.

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