Cat Meows During Meals

Got a cat who meows while he or she eats? Put it on the list of the other quirks cats have.

My cat meows when she eats. Why? –Nancy Lea

Owning a cat means accepting a life full of unanswerable questions. This could be one of them. If you’re asking it though, have your vet check out her mouth. Meowing while eating could be a sign that your cat is experiencing tooth or gum pain.

Other signs include tilting or shaking of the head, drooling and decreased appetite. If her mouth exam comes back with a shiny gold star, you might never know why she likes to sing for her supper.

Perhaps it’s her way of acknowledging your superior can-opening or bag-tearing-open skills. Or maybe eating is her favorite thing and she can’t help breaking into song. Other unanswerable questions might include:

  • Why does she get so mad when guests close the bathroom door?
  • Why does my cat stare at me when I read the paper?
  • Why does my cat run out of the room without provocation?
  • Why is she still scared of the vacuum cleaner?
  • Why does she pretend she can’t hear me when I call her name (except at dinnertime)?
  • Why does my cat insist on stealing the dog’s bed when she has her own bed?
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