Cat Learns The Complicated Art Of Chilling In A Hammock

After a rough first try, Timo the cat absolutely loves lounging in his hammock.

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Cat's first hammock.
Chrissa Hardy

Humans know just how tricky it can be to get comfortably settled in a hammock. And if you think it’d be even harder for a cat to hop into a hammock without flipping over in a blur of paws of fur, you’d be right.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Xiedubbel, Timo, a big, fluffy Ragdoll cat — a breed known for its easygoing ways — gives his new hammock a try, and it does’t go so well, at least initially.

His first attempt is over almost as soon as it starts.

He tries again and stays balanced for bit, before curiosity sets in and he falls over the side while peeking underneath the hammock.

"Hmm... what's undernea whoa, whOA, WHOAAA." Via YouTube

“Hmm… what’s underneath whoa, whOA, WHOAAA.” Via Xiedubbel/YouTube

Finally, Timo masters the art of Hammock and Chill (it’s the new thing all the cool cats are doing, DUH), and takes an adorably awkward cat nap with one leg dangling over the edge.

Nailed it. Via YouTube

Nailed it. Via Xiedubbel/YouTube

You showed that hammock who’s boss, Timo!

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