‘Cat Man Of Aleppo’s’ Cat Sanctuary Bombed

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel is trying his best to help the city's abandoned cats, but in a war zone, there is only so much that can be done.

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Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel hugs one of his cats. Via Il Gattaro D' Aleppo /Twitter
John Virata

The war raging in Syria has claimed countless lives and destroyed much of a once-beautiful country. A man who has been trying to save the hundreds of cats that have been abandoned because of the war started a cat sanctuary in Aleppo to help them.

He has stayed behind to help the cats while hundreds of thousands have fled. But now, that sanctuary is no longer a viable safe haven for cats because it too has been bombed, according to the Daily Mail.

Dozens of rescued cats find sanctuary in a new location after the last location was bombed. Via Il Gattaro D' Aleppo /Twitter

Dozens of rescued cats find sanctuary in a new location after the last location was bombed. Via Il Gattaro D’ Aleppo/Twitter

The famed “Cat Man of Aleppo,” ambulance driver Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, wrote on Twitter November 18 that the Ernesto sanctuary, where upward of 200 cats were living, had been hit with a chlorine bomb, and he was leaving. The bombardment killed several cats as well as Hope, a shepherd dog who was also rescued from the streets of Aleppo.

Aljaleel went to a second safe haven but that location was also bombed. A third location proved a bit safer for the time being. Aljaleel, also known as Ernesto, has been giving cats to folks fleeing the city for safer locations. But that can sometimes be challenging. Aljaleel continues to feed the cats, but meat has become scarce, and Internet access has become spotty.

“We don’t have meat for our cats. We feed them with rice, meat flavor and a bit of mortadella,” Aljaleel communicated on Twitter.

Let us hope and pray that the bombing and fighting will soon stop, those who fled can return to their homes, and all those cats will find their way back into the arms of those who took care of them before the war started.

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