Cat Makes Friends With Window Washers

Guinness the cat likes hanging out with his friends, who literally hang out outside his window.

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Guinness and the window washers have formed a special friendship over the last two years. Via Rina Takei/YouTube
Stephanie Brown

When you’re a little cat living in a big city, it can be hard to make friends. One cat named Guinness has found a way, though! He’s made friends with his building’s window washers.

Guinness lives on the sixth floor of a high rise building in London with his owner, Rina Takei. Every time the window washers come around, which is about every 10 weeks, the 2-year-old black cat runs over to play.

“From Day 1, Guinness was instantly interested in the window cleaners and started copying their movement,” Takei told

Takei shares videos of their interactions on Instagram, @rina_takei, and YouTube. Guinness seems to love playing with the window washers. He attacks their sponges and squeegees and chases them as they glide from window to window.

Interestingly enough, though, for all his antics and playfulness, Guinness is generally a shy cat, according to Takei.

“He doesn’t seem to like tall men. If the window cleaners come into our house, he will run away and hide,” she said, adding that Guinness does tolerate guests who visit regularly.

24/09/2016 #Happy #Caturday ! This week’s postings of Guinness and the window cleaners received a lot of views. Thank you very much to all those that watched the videos and told their friends about them. As a token of my appreciation, I’m posting a different version, just on Instagram and not on YouTube. The man is cleaning the kitchen window, realising that Guinness is watching. Although the window didn’t need cleaning, he did so in order to play and interact with Guinness. How nice! Have a nice weekend! 窓拭きおじさん動画をたくさんの方が見てくださり、感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。 本当にどうもありがとうございます😭 お礼になるのかは謎ですが、 今回ベッドルームのお掃除前に少しだけ遊んでもらえた時の動画をpostします! 朝ごはん前、早くから窓拭きを開始したおじさん達。キッチンの窓を上からお掃除していたおじさんですが、#ギネスくん が見ている事に気づき、わざわざ関係ない窓までお掃除してくれました😂 小さい窓に合わせてコンパクトに戯れるふたり🙈私はお掃除の邪魔をしていないか心配しつつ、起きて10分後の状態でただぬぼーっとしながらこれを撮りました🙄 これはyoutubeにアップする予定はありません♩ それでは皆さま 引き続き素敵な週末を。 #愛猫ギネスと窓拭きおじさん #instadaily #日々 #暮らし#ig_catphoto #にゃんすたぐらむ #にゃんだふるらいふ #videogram #videooftheday #neko #ねこ #ねこ動画 #cats_of_world #みんねこ #ペコねこ部 #video #windowwasher #windowcleaning #windowcleaner #lifeinlondon #london #igerslondon #funny #TheDailyKitten #ねこまみれ #catsofworld

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The glass separation must give him a sense of security. Or maybe it’s because the window washers don’t look all that tall while sitting in their harnesses. Maybe he thinks they are dangling toys that are there purely for his entertainment. Whatever the case, Guinness seems perfectly at ease with them.

“He hasn’t been afraid of the window cleaners ever — even though they are tall men!” Takei said.

Now Takei’s new cat, Pimms, is starting to show an interest in the window washers, though the 8-month-old ginger Selkirk Rex is a bit more reserved than Guinness.

“He sits close to the window, and turns his head from side to side watching,” Takei told Petcha. “But so far he hasn’t tried to copy the movements.”

09/02/2017 Happy Thursday! After 10 weeks, the window cleaners are back! Today was bedroom window cleaning. Guinness was looking forward to it since this morning. ・ More excited than usual, Guinness played with his friend. When a sleepy Pimms arrived, you could see the window cleaner’s smiling face. ・ Perhaps Guinness is a bit jealous of Pimms’ possible friendship with the window cleaner. He tried to occupy the space in-between them to keep Pimms out. ・ Later, I will post the right-hand side view of the window cleaning. ・ To see the full version, please check out my #YouTube channel! (link on BIO) 「#愛猫ギネスと窓拭きおじさん ③①」 ・ ・ 今日はベッドルームの窓掃除がありました。 前回同様、左右の窓を2回に分けてお掃除してくれました。今回は左側の窓掃除風景をpostします。 ・ リビングルームの窓掃除から3日。 今日こそという思いが強かったのか、朝ごはんもあまり食べずにおじさんを探す#ギネスくん 。ベッドルームにロープが降りて来るのを発見すると大きな声で鳴きながら向かって行きました。その間、#ピムスくん は自分の朝ご飯をぺろりと完食し、おネムモードへ突入。 ・ いざおじさんがやって来ると立っちして迎えるギネスくん。ワイパーじりじり作戦や高速スポンジ作戦などあらゆる技法で遊んでいただきました。後半になると眠かったピムスくんものそのそとおじさんのところへ。おじさんも近くに来たピムスを見て喜んでいる様子。そんなピムスに妬いたのか、間に横入りをするギネスくんでした!笑 ・ 右側の窓掃除風景はまた後日編集してpostします。 youtubeには全掃除風景を既にアップしてますのでよろしければご覧下さい! 「愛猫ギネスと窓拭きおじさん ③①」 ・ トップページからも直接私のYouTubeチャンネルへアクセス出来ます。 ・ ・ #日々 #暮らし#ig_catphoto #にゃんすたぐらむ #にゃんだふるらいふ #neko #ねこ #ねこ動画 #cats_of_world #みんねこ #ペコねこ部 #video #windowwasher #windowcleaning #windowcleaner #london #funny #TheDailyKitten #ねこまみれ #catsofworld #selkirkrex #セルカークレックス #gingercat #茶トラ #kitten #猫動画

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Takei said she has spoken with the window washers and always thank them for their kindness.

“They seem to enjoy playing with Guinness,” she said.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a cat play session in the middle of the workday? Seems like the perfect break to us!

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