Cat Make-Out Session With Teddy Bear Makes Us Question Our Relationships

You will never love anything as much as this cat loves this stuffed animal.

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"You're the one for me, Teddy." Via Garden of Delight/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

If seeing happy couples threatens your security with your own relationship, you will for sure want to turn away from a new video on Facebook that shows one couple lock lips… or lock whiskers with whatever a teddy bear has on its mouth.

A video of a cat making out with a teddy bear was posted on Facebook by Garden of Delight and received a lot of attention. The cat in the video is extremely forward when it comes to expressing fervent ardor for a stuffed animal, which gets kissed and kneaded pretty seriously.

We don’t know how these two were brought together, but they were clearly meant to be. It brings light to the rest of us, who might have to go to a couple’s retreat, rent a paddleboat on some kind of romantic lake or canal or whatever, or try a wine-and-horrible-landscape-painting night — something — to rekindle things and get to this level of love.

Cue the Barry White. Via  Garden of Delight/Facebook

Cue the Barry White. Via Garden of Delight/Facebook

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