Cat With Major RBF Can’t Seem To Get Adopted

Don't let her scowl fool you. She is a sweet and cuddly kitty.

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Shamo RBF
Shamo has a chronic case of resting bitch face. Via
Stephanie Brown

You can’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the thing to keep in mind when you see Shamo, a shelter cat in Japan.

The gray cat has a permanent scowl on her face, and that might be the reason why she hasn’t had any luck in finding a forever family in over a year. But she’s actually a pretty sweet kitty.

In July 2016, Shamo was taken in by Rencontrer Mignon, an animal rescue group in Tokyo. Despite her resting bitch face, Shamo is a gentle, loving cat. According to her adoption profile, she loves to be brushed and is very social.

Here are a few other things we found out about Shamo from her Twitter account, @shamo_girl.

1. She loves chin and ear scratches.

What cat doesn’t, really?

2. She evens tolerates belly rubs.

But there is a time limit, and you shall not go over it.

3. She can cat loaf with the best of them.

“Look, future Mom! No legs!”

4. She has the cutest pink toe beans.


5. She takes lots of cats naps.

She needs her beauty rest.

6. She likes the view from her cat tree.

All the better to scowl at you from.

7. She’s not very good at hiding.

Just humor her.

8. She’s serious about personal hygiene.

Gotta stay fresh and clean if you want to make a good impression on potential adopters.

9. She knows good fashion when she sees it.

This is not it.

10. She likes cozying up on laps.

It’s the perfect place to rest her scowling face.

11. Wherever she can find them.

Don’t look now, but your lap has been hijacked by Shamo.

12. Even though her face says otherwise.

Someone please give this sweet girl a permanent lap to sit on.

For more information on Shamo, visit her adoption profile here.

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