Cat Loves Giant Cat With Long Neck And Snout; No Wait That’s A Llama

Sparkle the llama and Rosie the cat cross animal lines to be besties on a farm.

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Rosie the cat is the only feline allowed on a farm because of her bond with a llama.
Anastasia Thrift

A sanctuary for farm animals had a strict no-cat policy. But when a gang of llamas arrived, the sanctuary couldn’t say no to their demands, which included bringing on board one distinctive fellow pack member: Rosie the tabby.

Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg in Pennsylvania took in 10 llamas last September, in a rescue arrangement contingent on including a barn cat named Rosie, the group wrote on its Facebook page. Rosie is a good mouser, it appears, but more than that she’s one of the llamas BFFs.

Meet Sparkle the llama and see how she and Rosie have a one-of-a-kind relationship.

1. Ten llamas were part of a group deal with the sanctuary farm.

These llamas roll deep.

2. Plus one cat: Rosie.


3. Sparkle the llama was a dignified member of the bunch.

Real refined.

4. Maybe there was a good reason for feeling above the fray.

“Seriously, again with the rolling in dirt?”

5. Sparkle found another pack member on the llama’s level.

“You seem cool. We should hang out.”

6. And a beautiful friendship began.

Squad goals.

7. Now the cat and llama are happy members of the farm sanctuary.

Life is good.

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