A Cat Named Limberbutt McCubbins Is Running For President

A house cat in Kentucky is running for U.S. President. And he's a Demo-Cat! Look out, Hillary.

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"Together, we cat." Via Limberbutt 2016/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

For those of you on the fence about who to vote for in the 2016 election, consider candidate McCubbins. Oh, by the way, he’s a cat.

Yes, that’s right. A 5-year-old neutered male cat named Limberbutt McCubbins from Kentucky has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for President of the United States, The Huffington Post reports.

On this here 4th of July, I, Limberbutt McCubbins, promise to work my hardest for every American. If elected as your…

Posted by Limberbutt 2016 on Saturday, July 4, 2015

McCubbins is registered as a Democrat, even though his campaign literature describes him as a “Demo-Cat.”

And his campaign slogan is also quite magnificent: “Together, we cat.” Brilliant.

Today marks a historic event in American history. I will continue to fight for the legalization of gay cat marriage, and…

Posted by Limberbutt 2016 on Friday, June 26, 2015

“We are not taking donations at this time,” 17-year-old Isaac Weiss, one of McCubbins’ two campaign managers, told The Huffington Post. “If we later decided to take them, they will most likely be forwarded to the Humane Society or another organization for animals.”

So in 2016, vote McCubbins!

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