Cat Learns to Hammock, Finds Maximum Chill

Watch Timo try and fail (and try and fail) at using a hammock, only to master in the end and increase his quality of life to the max.

As any human will tell you, hammocks are hard to navigate. But one Netherlands-living cat named Timo is proving that the struggle is real – even for felines.

After receiving a cat-sized hammock from his humans, Timo the Ragdoll cat spends countless hours attempting to navigate the crazy contraption for the ultimate in relaxation, only to find that it’s not as simple as it looks.

Innumerable failed attempts and a pawsome amount of perseverance over months led Timo, who rose to social media fame in Oct. 2013, to hammock victory. Now he hard-core enjoys lounging in the lap of luxury that is his hammock.

While the entire compilation of Timo getting into the groove of his hammock is essential viewing, we can’t stress the importance of the serene scene that begins at 1:11 – serving as an inspirational, anything is possible type of cut; as well as a nod to Timo’s humble beginnings as a Koi fish-loving kitty.

How does your hammock game match-up to Timo’s?


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