Kuzya The Cat Poses In Picture-Book-Perfect Shots On Instagram

Life's a dream for this Russian rescue cat.

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Life's a beach. Via Kuzya/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

Kuzya goes lots of places: to the slopes for snowboarding, to the beach for a tropical drink or to the campground for a fire under the stars. But Kuzya visits all these spots only in a world of pure imagination, thanks to sets that his owner creates and places him in for photo ops.

“Kuzya is a good model,” owner Victoria Aristova, of Moscow, Russia, told Petcha.com about her cat with the dreamy Instagram page. “We play with him during the photo shoots. Cats always do what they want. And Kuzya loves to play.”

So Aristova turns the photo shoots in to games for her fluffy ginger-and-white cat, whom she adopted four years ago. A woman had him in a subway station, and Aristova knew he’d be a great addition to the family.

Self portrait👨‍🎨 Do I look like?😺 #kuzyafantasy

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“Kuzya is very sociable,” Aristova said. “He always tells us something, just like people.”

The stars are so close and so far away🌌 #kuzyafantasy

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Aristova decided to make him tell longer stories, in sweetly constructed sets that she shoots and shares on Instagram. In one photo, Kuzya’s high in the sky as he holds on to balloons. In another, he takes off on a broom, à la Harry Potter playing Quidditch.

“My husband decided to dream about how Kuzya could live if he were a human,” Aristova told Petcha. “We had the idea to shoot stories about the adventures of a cat.”

SOS! Help! He wants to eat me!😱#kuzyafantasy

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It takes Aristova about an hour and a half to create the sets for Kuzya, out of fabric, cardboard, paper, towels, sheets and other material. She draws ideas from a mix of fantasies, life events, movies and books.

I think it's starting to rain☔️ #kuzyafantasy

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It’s wonderful to see her final product, where Kuzya looks like a daydreamer in repose. Perhaps the biggest fantasy he had, however, was the one of a happy home with loving owners that first came to him as a kitten in a subway station. Dreams can come true, Kuzya, so keep dreaming.

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