Cat, Kittens Found in Taped Box Outside Cat Rescue

A volunteer at the Ten Lives Club animal rescue in New York discovered a box full of cats left outside in the summer heat.

Shelters probably see all kinds of things when pets are relinquished. Some perhaps can’t keep their cat for health reasons, living conditions or, in rare cases, because of a new couch. At the Ten Lives Club, a cat adoption group in North Boston, New York, what they discovered was a box full of cats.

A volunteer of the Ten Lives Club found the box outside in the summer heat. It was sealed shut with duct tape and when he picked it up, he heard kittens inside, he told He brought the box inside, undid the tape and a cat’s head popped up. After opening the box fully, he discovered a female cat with her five newborn kittens who are around 7 to 10 days old.

The rescue accepts surrendered cats; however, given that care for this many cats is $1,000, they do ask for donations, usually from the person making the surrender. Since it is unknown who left the cats there, Ten Lives Club is asking for donations to help with the care for this mother cat and her kittens. For more information, visit the Ten Lives Club website or Facebook page.

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