Ozzie The Cat Makes Mysterious Journey From Australia To Northern Ireland

Somehow Ozzie the cat traveled roughly 12,000 miles from Australia to Northern Ireland.

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Oh, the things he must've seen! Via Armagh Cats Protection/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Why did the cat go from the Land Down Under to the Emerald Isle?

This is surprisingly not a riddle. A cat named Ozzie has apparently traveled from Australia to Northern Ireland, which is roughly 12,000 miles.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ozzie was picked up by Armagh Cats Protection near Portadown in Northern Ireland earlier this week and taken to a vet, who discovered the cat had a microchip that had been implanted in Australia.

The cat, named Ozzie by Armagh Cats Protection coordinator Gillian McMullen, reportedly had turned up at a London vet clinic in 2004, but the microchip did not provide any details.

The likely theory reported by the Belfast Telegraph is that Ozzie traveled with his owners from Australia to London and has since made his way to Northern Ireland… somehow.

Ozzie is a gentle affectionate cat

Posted by Armagh Cats Protection on Thursday, June 11, 2015

McMullen told the Belfast Telegraph that she had responded to a call from a woman last Monday evening “who was concerned about a poorly stray cat that had been hanging around her garden for several days.”

“The poor cat was starving but obviously had been cared for in the past because it was wearing a collar,” she said.

He is very thin but incredibly handsome

Posted by Armagh Cats Protection on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Luckily, for now Ozzie seems to be in very good hands. An Armagh Cats Protection volunteer plans to foster him once the vet gives the all clear. But everyone is eager for more details on Ozzie’s past to emerge.

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