Cat Jenga Is Finally Available In The U.S. And We Can’t Wait To Play

Cat Jenga is so much better than regular Jenga because cats.

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Why didn't we think of this? Via Pinkoi

We’ve all been there. You’re at a friend’s house for game night and, before you’ve even finished the first plate of appetizers, someone is building a Jenga tower on the coffee table. “This would be OK,” you think to yourself, accidentally smearing ranch dressing on one wooden piece, “if only it involved more cats.”

A Chinese company called Common (there’s some alliteration for you) finally has the answer to your wildest, most stackable dreams with its newly available Cat Jenga game.

This manages to be both challenging and adorable. Via Pinkoi

This manages to be both challenging and adorable. Via Pinkoi

The premise is slightly different than the original version, because instead of mindlessly pulling wooden blocks out of a pre-constructed tower, this time you’re building a tower, constructed entirely of wooden cat shapes. The goal is to build the cat tower as high as you can and to try not to be the person who sends the cats tumbling back toward the ground.

Stack the cats.

Stack the cats. Via Pinkoi

Although My Modern Met reports that the game has been available in China for several years, it is finally available in the United States. The cats are sold in sets of six, carefully carved out of either teak or maple wood. So invite your friends over and politely ask that they wipe the ranch dressing off their hands.

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