Cat Introducing Kittens To Dog Friend Will Soothe Your Soul

A stray cat introduced her kittens to her dog friend and the adorable meeting was captured on video for the world to enjoy.

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Pretty sure this dog would make an excellent Godfather... Or Dogfather, rather.
Chrissa Hardy

Cats and dogs are famous for not getting along, but this cat and dog are certainly an exception to that rule.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by ignoramusky, a cat introduces her kittens to a dog, who goes on to play with the friendly feline’s little ones as if they were his own.

The cat and dog are known strays on the streets of Russia and have been pals for a long time, according to Metro UK. Apparently, once her kittens were old enough, the cat thought a reunion with her dog pal was in order.

At first, the dog seems unsure of what to make of the smaller cats, but the mama cat brilliantly puts the dog in place with an authoritative, yet gentle swat on the head.

"These are my precious babies, so you BE NICE."Via YouTube

“These are my precious babies, so you BE NICE.” Via ignoramusky/YouTube

Then the dog becomes a giant softy — as we all become with tiny kittens — rolling onto his back and letting the pair bat at his paws. The dog and kittens turn into their cutest selves, while Mama Cat watches from the sidelines.

It's all paws, bellies, and gentle playtime for these three. Via YouTube

It’s all paws, bellies and playtime for these three. Via /ignoramusky YouTube

The video ends with Mama Cat and the dog playing around in a way that only BFFs can.

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